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Arizona’s Gun Rights Advocates Win the Battle

Arizona's Gun Rights Advocates Win the Battle

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The Washington state Legislature just passed one of the nation’s most onerous and misguided gun control bills. In doing so, it turned in an effort to protect gun rights advocates a major victory.

This state is the latest in a string of red states to take steps to curb gun rights, but the legislation isn’t the most restrictive.

In Arizona’s Maricopa County, the sheriff and prosecutor in Phoenix just agreed to not enforce the state’s tough law against illegal immigrants who have been arrested for domestic violence. They’ve agreed not to prosecute them for any charge — and the prosecutor even resigned, according to the Arizona Republic.

But, other than that, gun rights advocates, as you may have noticed, have lost the battle.

When the Legislature passed SB 1070, Democrats said it would make immigration law more enforceable. But it left a lot of people with the impression that the law was going to stop people like the Mexican woman who attacked her daughter in front of her with a hammer.

In fact, SB 1070 made the Arizona law enforcement situation even more dangerous for immigrants and refugees. In the law, sheriffs and police chiefs are given more latitude in determining who will be deported, and with a lot of political clout, they can make decisions to deport people at will.

More than four years after the law passed, the number of people being deported has surged from about 400,000 in its first year to approximately 2 million people in the past four years.

The impact of SB 1070 on immigration was very significant and, sadly, some of those whose lives have been changed by it have reported that they did it for the very reason that SB 1070 was implemented.

That’s the reason why, when gun rights advocates began to push back against the law, they took the time to research the law with the Arizona Public Safety Authority, a part of the state government that oversees immigration policy

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