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Cedillo Jr. is a Political Lobbyist for Big Money

Cedillo Jr. is a Political Lobbyist for Big Money

Letters to the Editor: Latinx communities fighting racism don’t need Martinez, Cedillo and De León

The Latinx community of the City of Los Angeles did not need Attorney General Xavier Becerra and City Councilmembers Gil Cedillo and Gil Cedillo Jr. to remind them to not “go anywhere” on Pride Month.

With these three legislators, we have seen that the only thing of value is money. Let’s not be fooled by the fact that Cedillo gave Cedillo Jr. his first Pride Day award last year, and gave Cedillo the only Pride Award to anyone who had supported Cedillo in the last year — even though Cedillo supported and voted for Cedillo Jr. in the last election. Cedillo Jr. is more political than Becerra. Cedillo Jr. has no political spine. Cedillo Jr. has made one mistake: he ran against Becerra’s district that he represents. Cedillo would have been a top candidate for Secretary of State if Becerra had won. Cedillo is just a token of what Becerra has become. In the past five years, Becerra has become a corporate lobbyist for big money and the very politicians that he works with. Becerra’s only real concern in public life is the bottom line.

If Cedillo has no interest in our community, then why does he continue to support Cedillo Jr., who now has his eyes set on Becerra’s job? Cedillo Jr. only cares about himself, and he does not understand he needs to be reelected. Just as Cedillo gave Becerra his first Pride Award last year, Cedillo is the one being nominated for Becerra’s job. Cedillo Jr. says the position of city attorney is a “giant burden.” Cedillo Jr. does not want to be associated with Becerra. Cedillo Jr. is not only incompetent, but he is a disgrace to his own profession.

For Cedillo Jr.’s sake, let’s show that Cedillo is not a human being

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