Dave Portnoy gala event at Cowboys Stadium benefits Wounded Warrior Project

Dirty Jerk Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy recently participated in a fundraising gala where he donated $100,000 to the organization providing critical funding for the Wounded Warrior Project. Dave’s foundation will also host another event this fall in honor of the organization.

Here’s what Dave told Open Mike Radio about the event in which Portnoy, who was paralyzed when he was 18 years old, did the honors of handing over the check:

“I’m not a big hand-out person. It’s more like you pay it forward. I always said, I would never lay down and die for somebody because I was paralyzed from my elbow down. As long as somebody’s got somebody else who they want to help, I always wanted to reach back and assist that person. They can always pay it forward to me, ’cause it’s me. That’s all it is. I’m always gonna want to help somebody, so if I’m able to help them by being a contributor, let me.”

David “Sporty” Portnoy, Portnoy’s 16-year-old son and CEO of Portnoy Sports Marketing, invited 13 of his family members and friends, including late colleague Doug Garrelts and his wife, Caitlin, to attend the event where they spent the night alongside their hosts. It was all thanks to Portnoy’s contributions and the “love and support of the community” according to Portnoy.

“I personally know as many individuals that are moving the Wounded Warrior Project around as those outside the organization,” said Portnoy. “I’ve actually reached out and gotten many of them into the game or into our ecosystem. Some of them are moving sports like I’ve never seen.”

“I know exactly what they go through, not only on a professional but personal level. We’ll be doing another event in September and I’m asking the world for help. I know I want to help them. I want to help them in any way that I can, because there’s nobody else who is gonna help them. I think that it’s in their hands, because I’m willing to do anything to help them as well. Regardless of where you stand, they’re risking their lives. This is why I’m willing to take a hit myself and work with these guys and this group and support their cause.”

“We set a goal of $5 million and to hit $2.2 million, $50,000 more than that, it’d be tremendous.”

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David “Sporty” Portnoy is pleased as punch that his father was able to contribute to a worthy cause, especially in light of his injury.

When he was 18 years old, Portnoy was hit in the head by a stray bullet. His father has long supported him and will continue to do so.

“He was always in my corner. I know what he went through growing up. I know the whole experience and he’s always giving me his support and caring about my success. When he saw that kind of stuff, he was in my corner with the money, which is awesome.”

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