Ghost tours focus on the afterlife in a hectic world

Everyone knows that life after death is disconcertingly easy – you just feed your ghost with chocolate. But if we’re to believe Inigo Montoya, Carmine Sattler, Peter Quint and so many others, sometimes you just gotta hard put it up to a little Goodfellas-style caper in old Tompkins Square, New York.

Today there’s a new ghost tour – called The A.D.U. Experiment – and it aims to strip the mystery away from death. For a quarter of an hour, a paranormal guide asks people to discuss their adventures with him about their death, right down to the smell of their nostrils or their voice inflections when they cough.

Scary? Not exactly. But for people who’ve never explored what happens after they’re old and gone, the tour could be a way of confronting their own mortality and what it means. “People go through this sort of phase of when they’ll figure out what’s real and what’s not real,” Andrew Shuman, president of the The A.D.U. Experiment, told the Washington Post. “And just because we’re all watching them pay for an insurance policy, we might as well make it fun.”

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