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How a City Rebuilt

How a City Rebuilt

After Hurricane Ian, a low-lying Florida city starts to rebuild. Should it?

The city was rebuilt in several stages.

In the end, the city had to rebuild its entire police department and fire department.

How did it happen?

One of the best ways to learn how a city rebuilt is to watch the TV series “The Walking Dead,” and the show has a great story line to illustrate what happened in Florida. During the series, there is a hurricane, and people start to evacuate. In this case, it’s a city called Alexandria.

You see, in the show Alexandria, the city is on the coast and it’s pretty normal for the residents to feel a lot of rain. Of course, because of this, there is never any water anywhere, and the city has no emergency services, so people are without power for a few days.

One day, when the mayor and some other leaders have to leave the city to go somewhere, the people start to worry. Some people have to evacuate with their entire families, and their whole houses are flooded and can’t be put up.

The problem, though, is that because of the flooded houses, the city starts to sink, and the mayor and other leaders decide to evacuate. The people get to go. It’s an exciting moment.

Except, it isn’t an exciting moment at all.

Instead, after the evacuation, people don’t know what to do. They have to go to school, but there is no electricity and no money for food. They have no tools and no money for nails. Many of them have to take two buses and a car. There are many cars that are broken and are not working, and even worse, there are dead animals rotting in the streets.

On top of all of that, there’s the problem of the flooding. When the flood waters hit, it’s a pretty deadly moment. People drown in the streets, and they are left to try and reach the boats

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