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Jair Bolsonaro — Brazil President-elect

Jair Bolsonaro — Brazil President-elect

Jair Bolsonaro Fast Facts and History of Jair Bolsonaro

Last updated on July 3, 2019

Jair Bolsonaro – Brazil President-elect

Jair Bolsonaro was born

December 27, 1934

Macedonian: Зиг-Бослан

Jair Bolsonaro is a Brazilian politician from the center-right party the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB). Bolsonaro, who was born in the city of São Paulo in the state of São Paulo, became the youngest vice president of Brazil when he took office as vice president of Brazil on January 1, 2019. He was sworn in at the age of 33. He is the younger brother of former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who was Brazil’s president from 1985 to 1989.

Jair Bolsonaro’s Career to the Present

Jair Bolsonaro was born in São Paulo, Brazil. He was elected as a congressman in 1967 and took office as Senator in 1971. He was elected governor of São Paulo in 2003. In 2010, Jair Bolsonaro ran for president with the Brazilian Social Democracy Party and in 2014 was re-elected president with a landslide victory. He was defeated when he ran again in 2018. In this election, he won 61.5% of the votes and the party won 55.1%. Bolsonaro is a member of the Federal Senate and the Brazilian House of Deputies.


Bolsonaro’s first job was as a school teacher, and he worked as a tutor for children with various disabilities. He later studied at the Lyceum of São Paulo. He then moved to the United States where he graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Philosophy and Letters. He then studied History at Harvard University. He received his law degree from Harvard Law School. In 1967, Bolsonaro became an officer with the Brazilian Air Force and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. He

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