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John Nields’ Accounts Are In Debt

John Nields’ Accounts Are In Debt

As his businesses fall apart, Kanye West reportedly hires Depp lawyer Camille Vasquez to look over his books

The rapper seems to be doing alright, he has his own TV show that airs once each season and his own tour that’s booked to take his live concerts to places like Madison Square Garden, The Hollywood Bowl and even the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Still, he’s in the red. According to TMZ, he’s in debt for $100 million.

The latest sign of trouble came last week, when it was revealed that one of his lawyers, Camille Vasquez, had been hired to check up on his accounts. TMZ reported that on May 5, the rapper’s accountant, John Nields, had flown to LA with a stack of financial documents, including bank statements, account statements, and cancelled checks, only to be caught unaware, by security guards at the Beverly Hills office of his accounting firm, CPA and Taxation, which handles his finances.

According to TMZ, Nields had gone to West’s office to pick up his account documents at the request of his accountant, and that he was accompanied by a manager who was going to deliver them. But his office manager hadn’t showed yet, and as he tried to get past security, one of the guards told his manager to go back inside and bring out Nields immediately.

Nields, who worked for tax and business accounting for 16 years, was allegedly escorted out of the building, and as he walked back to the car, he spotted security guards and employees on the ground floor of his office. He ran back up the steps and flagged down members of the security staff, insisting that he was merely walking back to his car with the documents. One of the guards insisted that he go back to West’s office with the documents, but Nields reportedly objected, telling him that he was being dragged out of his office as a thief and told him to call the police.

According to TMZ, Nields asked the guards, “What are you going to do? They are going to call the police? I’m not going to do anything. What are you going to do?” One

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