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Myles Sanderson’s Family Was Crucial to the Stabbings

Myles Sanderson’s Family Was Crucial to the Stabbings

Myles Sanderson was the only killer in Canada mass stabbings, and his brother was a victim, police say

In the hours after the deadly stabbing of Toronto Police Det. Benoit Tremblay outside his Etobicoke home on September 8, 2018, his mother was frantically looking for information on her son after learning that police “had information that could be helpful.”

The only people who really knew what investigators were looking for in the weeks following were his family, the detectives who were on the case, and Tremblay himself.

But, as the months of investigation wore on and a key suspect, Myles Sanderson, was ruled out, Sanderson’s family — a handful made up of his brother and his mother — became crucial to the case.

“As time went on, it became more and more apparent that it was just not going to be Myles,” Tremblay’s brother, Justin Tremblay, told the Star. “When he was declared not a suspect by the Crown, what they found was the information that his family provided about him and his behaviour.”

That information led police to believe that Sanderson had been the lone suspect in the Etobicoke stabbings that resulted in the death of Tremblay, who was shot during a police chase on September 8.

But in a CBC News investigation published on Tuesday, the RCMP confirmed that Sanderson was one of the two suspects charged in the case and that police had interviewed him — and his attorney, Robert Blanchard.

In the interview, Sanderson denied any involvement in the attacks and accused his lawyer, Blanchard, of “attacking” his client in an effort to “block the investigation.”

An RCMP source told CBC News that Blanchard’s remarks “were a direct attack” on a police officer who “was investigating the crimes.”

In an interview, Sanderson accused Blanchard of being an “anti-police agent” who had been on a police-linked “stake list” that was a basis for the charges against

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