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OC Transportation Commission Closes Investigation into Bus Driver’s Interference with Interrupted Bus

OC Transportation Commission Closes Investigation into Bus Driver’s Interference with Interrupted Bus

Orange County Transportation Corridors Agencies head resigns after investigation into alleged misconduct

Editor’s Note: An investigation into a recent incident involving a private company hired by the OC Transportation District identified allegations against employees of the company, but the OC Department of Transportation is refusing to say anything about the incident.

Transportation agencies in Orange County are investigating an incident that could have led to more than $15 000 in administrative penalties, but the OC Department of Transportation says its internal investigation is closed and that the agency will not release any information.

On Jan. 24, a bus driver working for a private company that contracts with OC Transit was transporting a public-use bus in an effort to move its driver to a different terminal, but instead was asked to slow down and stand by a stop on the bus’ right side before it proceeded for another block.

OC Transit investigators, who interviewed the driver and bus driver, told the agency that the bus driver told them the stop was a crosswalk, but the bus driver had claimed it was not.

Transportation agency officials said they have completed their investigation and that there are no allegations of improper conduct.

In a written statement, Transportation Director Tom Castro says:

“OC Transit has completed an internal investigation. The investigation is confidential and the decision to release the investigation findings is not yet final. OC Transit will not comment further pending completion of the investigation.”

The driver told investigators he had to slow or stopped to the right to make way for another passenger at a crosswalk on the sidewalk on that block where the bus was stopped. He told investigators the stop was not a crosswalk.

Transportation Commission Vice Chairman Mike Feeney said the agency has an independent investigator who is looking into the incident.

“The investigation is ongoing and we will make a decision after the investigator has performed his work,” Feeney said.

Feeney said the commission has not been told anything about the incident.

The driver, whose identity has not been revealed by the agency, told investigators he was instructed by a driver instructor to cross the street to a bus stop

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