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Queen Elizabeth II sues sculptor for $30,000 after wigs damaged

Queen Elizabeth II sues sculptor for $30,000 after wigs damaged

‘She sat for him 12 times’: The Nigerian artist who made a bronze sculpture of Queen Elizabeth II in her trademark white wig is now being sued by the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II is suing a sculpture artist for $30,000 (£22,000) after it damaged the Queen’s delicate white wig.

Gidiono Okonkwo works as a sculptor and designer but since 2015 has been designing the Queen’s wigs in the spirit of former-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

He made the head of the monarch, currently touring the US, out of bronze and then painted it several times with shades of blue and green – the colour palette of her outfit when she was crowned Queen in 1953.

The sculpture’s creator told the BBC his idea was to give the Queen, 93, a sense of comfort and security and to commemorate his mother’s life, who was murdered by a gang at an age when a lot of men her age are murdered.

The Queen’s lawyer, Peter Gummer, sent out a letter to Okonkwo on Monday, according to BBC News.

‘He is a respected artist in Australia and has a long and storied history,’ Gummer wrote.

‘The Queen has decided to have her wigs made in London by someone who has given her confidence and care since she was crowned.

‘The wigs are in her personal collection, a very carefully crafted piece of jewellery, and a major part of her being.

‘In the past, she has been served by individuals who have taken great care with her appearance, who have been respectful of her wishes and have given her confidence and security.

The Royal Family’s wigs have been damaged (Image: SIN)

‘This time, however, someone has damaged the Royal wigs, in what appears to be a criminal act.’

The Queen’s Wig & Head Collection

The collection dates from

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