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Robbie Fairchild’s New York Fashion Week Collection is a New Generation of Couture

Robbie Fairchild's New York Fashion Week Collection is a New Generation of Couture

Robbie Fairchild Celebrates a Different Kind of Opening Night With New York Fashion Week

March 17, 2014—Robbie Fairchild’s fashion program had its beginning nearly 10 years ago with a collection on the runway, and this season the designer has set its debut in store for New York Fashion Week at its newly renovated space in the Flatiron building. “I love the Flatiron Building,” said Fairchild. “It always felt like home for me when I was growing up. Since I moved to New York in December, it has been important to me to create something new every season.”

In his fourth season with his label Fairchild & Williams, a luxury, upscale, and contemporary-designed collection, Robbie Fairchild has taken his iconic look into a contemporary runway for the first time since his New York debut in 2009. This season, new garments have been hand painted and crafted in-house, with new materials and finishes from new designers.

“I am so happy with the collection. It is not only a reflection of the time I have been in the business but also of my personal aesthetic. It is the evolution of my personal style in the fashion industry, which has not evolved since the first collection I presented in 1999.”

Robbie Fairchild in his first runway show in Paris, 1999.

Now more than 30 years later, Robbie Fairchild is able to bring to life a new generation of fashion by utilizing the latest technology in design, manufacturing and merchandising, to take the collection into contemporary couture and to have it reflect the changing trends in the industry. “In today’s world, it is not easy to be creative and have something fresh and different every season. Every season is a new challenge, but this season I have decided to change the way we approach the work and take the opportunity to be involved in all the new developments.”

“This season, to me, we are in the middle of a major phase of change in the world

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