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Star Wars: Episode 1 Episode 1

Star Wars: Episode 1 Episode 1

How ‘Andor’ staged the first rebellion in the ‘Star Wars’ universe

A mysterious alien spacecraft that exploded in an old warehouse turned out to be the key to a long-forgotten rebellion on the planet Andor. As the first Star Wars film opens, it looks as if the only thing you can count on out of this film is disappointment.

On one side of the galaxy, a space-faring, alien-hunting band of rebels called the New Republic is fighting a war for independence. To the other side of the galaxy, a band of imperials have taken the planet of Andor, subjugating it into a slave-worker colony, where many of their citizens are genetically modified servo-droid slaves.

When the Rebels arrive in Andor, they set up their base in a remote shipyard. The New Republic soon has to deal with the Emperor, who was once a senator, but who now rules as a military commander who has come to power through fear and terror. The Empire has just one hope: the Andorian weapons designer, the Countess and his bestial, but brilliant, grandson.

But with the rebels at his side, the Emperor is fighting a losing battle.

The alien spacecraft, X3833, explodes in the first act after the space station on which it was built crashes to the ground. The New Republic is then on the brink of losing the first clear battle against the Empire, but the mysterious alien spacecraft makes them realize their folly and set the whole rebellion in motion. As a result, a rebel battle is won, the Empire is halted and Andor gains independence. With those changes, it is up to the New Republic what they do next.

This is where the film really starts to unravel. The first half-hour is a struggle between the rebels and the rebels and the Empire, as the Republic tries to make the most of what they’ve got, while the Empire sees the rebels as a

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