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The album is a fake.

The album is a fake.

Handle with care: Publisher apologizes for fake autograph in Bob Dylan’s $600 book

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While you probably won’t be paying $10 for the Bob Dylan’s Autograph album — or, for that matter, the album that was supposed to be autographed by the artist — you are likely to be paying a premium for the bogus autograph, which comes with a preface claiming Dylan “signed” the album by hand. That’s only a few bucks, but the price for a real autograph is much, much higher, and now the man with the real stuff is apologizing for it, saying he’s “horrified” to discover that the preface was a fake.

The truth is, I’m a fan of the guy’s music and am happy when he’s on tour, which he is often. I’ve had a lot of time to talk to people who have taken the time to say nice things about him. He speaks his mind. It would break my heart if anything bad happened to him or his family. But I don’t know what any of that has to do with this preface to his album. All I know is that it’s fake. It’s like if you see a big, fat, unphotographed, unacknowledged, unsigned Playboy centerfold lying right next to the naked centerfold you saw on the cover and say it’s all the same, you’re just going to laugh at you. It’s not the same. It’s a fake. I’m terribly sorry.

Bob Dylan’s signature was not on these two pictures. It was on the front page of the original copy of the album. The picture of the book is a fake. A copy of the album that was supposed to have his signature was released about a month ago, and there he is, just like the pic on the album. You can’t have a $600 book without a signed copy of a $1200 album. The book is really a fake. I’m

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