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The Antisemitic Defamation of Irving

The Antisemitic Defamation of Irving

What to Know About Kyrie Irving’s Antisemitic Movie Post and the Fallout

Kyrie Irving’s Antisemitic Movie Post and the Fallout

When the Dallas Mavericks’ starting center for the 2016 and 2017 season, and now the 2017-present, Kyrie Irving, posted a picture to social media on the day after the Antisemitic movie, his last game of the season against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the immediate reaction was a social media meme that depicted Irving as a Nazi, complete with Hitler-style mustache, a yellow Star of David mask and the requisite Nazi salute.

That post and subsequent pictures by Irving and several others were the final sparks of a raging fire after the movie had ignited on social media. Irving and his team were accused of showing Nazi symbols and using the Holocaust as a platform for their own political and social agenda. Irving initially vehemently responded with a meme of his own saying he would have done the same — something many people saw as an attempt to deflect blame.

The debate surrounding the Antisemitic depiction of Irving and what it means to Irving and others who are Jewish in America has already reached a fever pitch. In addition to a myriad of social media jokes and memes, the Antisemitic depictions of Irving and his teammates have also reached beyond the sports world. They have become the subject of a legal challenge in Irving’s lawsuit against his former employers, the Dallas Mavericks. A judge has since ordered the Mavericks to pay Irving roughly $3 million in damages in exchange for Irving not facing a defamation lawsuit by the Antisemitic Twitter mob.

Irving and his lawyers are currently in an intense legal tussle with the city of Dallas, the Mavericks, Irving and the Antisemitic media and organizations over Irving’s right to use the movie. Irving’s lawyers are hoping to hold the Dallas Mavericks liable for Irving’s damages in the case.

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