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The Hair Trend That Inspired Emily Blunt

The Hair Trend That Inspired Emily Blunt

‘House of the Dragon’ Hair Inspires an Icy Blond Renaissance

If you’ve been following the hair scene on the red carpet, you’re likely already aware of the hair trend sweeping the globe. It’s not a fashion trend. It’s not a color trend either. It’s just hair.

There was a flurry of excitement recently when actress Emily Blunt wore a look inspired by the dragon locks of the late, great George Lucas. So much so that it spawned a Tumblr post by the late, great Carrie Fisher and a whole host of memes on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The look featured a dramatic, tight curls with a side part that was reminiscent of the curly, voluminous locks of Princess Leia in the original Star Wars.

Now, it turns out that this hair trend (which the U.K. style magazine The Foylesaid it’s “a real thing now”) got its inspiration from a classic movie poster from the ’70s: the one where a woman with long blonde hair flirts and a man with a goatee seems to be smitten with her.

In this image, the woman is obviously not wearing the sort of bold, shoulder-length hair that Blunt sported in her new, sleek look. But by borrowing her style from the poster, we get one of our favorite images of the season.

The poster is from the film of the same name by the British director of photography Ken Adam (ahem). He took the character of the woman who flirts in the film out of character with her hair and gave it a style that was similar to a typical “blend” at the time, making it look more natural and stylish.

In the film, an even longer blonde strand hangs in front of the face, with the rest falling past the shoulders. This style was popular with the women who worked on the movie who had long hair. (This is also reminiscent of the long hair that actress Anne Hathaway sported in The American President.)

But Adam was also inspired by the woman with the goatee, who seems to like

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