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The Las Vegas Shooting of Beyoncé’s Face

The Las Vegas Shooting of Beyoncé’s Face

L.A. rapper Blueface arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in Las Vegas last month was charged earlier this month with assault and battery with a deadly weapon during an incident that drew nationwide attention.

According to court documents, Blueface was arrested Aug. 3 on suspicion of assault and battery with a deadly weapon in Las Vegas during a melee with two armed, unidentified men in front of a Las Vegas music venue, The Complex.

During the incident, Blueface and an unidentified woman were struck several times in the face and chest by a silver-colored handgun believed to have been used by one of the attackers.

Blueface — whose real name is Lamont Coleman — is listed in court records as a Los Angeles resident and is alleged to be a member of the Bloods street gang, a gang formerly known as Crip.

The shooting drew national attention in the late hours of Aug. 1 — the same night that Beyoncé was performing at The Forum — and prompted reports of gunfire at the concert.

Blueface’s booking photos posted on jail property showed him wearing a blue T-shirt over a black T-shirt, with a blue and red pendant hanging behind his neck. He also wore a black bandana across his face, which he removed when his mugshot was taken.

In the mugshot, Blueface is shown lying on his side, with his arms folded and his hands on top of his head. His eyes are partially covered by large, wraparound sunglasses with black lenses. His face is shown in an expression of shock, as his mouth is partially covered by the bandana.

His booking photo also shows two people who look like their faces are partially obscured. One of the men is wearing a white t-shirt, while the other wears a blue t-shirt.

Blueface was being held without bail at the West Valley Detention Center, said David Biskupic, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

According to court records, Blueface faces a possible life sentence if he is convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon with a gang enhancement.

Blueface was previously arrested in January 2014 for drug possession — he was charged with possession of less than 25 grams of marijuana and possession with intent to sell within 2000 feet of a school. That case was subsequently dismissed when the arrest was made, according to court records.

Blueface’s case history has been sealed

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