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The Man Who Held a Press Conference with Donald Trump’s Team

The Man Who Held a Press Conference with Donald Trump’s Team

Oath Keepers Leader Sought to Get Message to Trump After Jan. 6 Meeting on Capitol Hill.

Ahead of Donald Trump’s arrival to Washington, D.C., for a meeting on Capitol Hill Jan. 6, Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FSO) hosted a press conference with several people, including a man who held a press conference with a man who said he had once attended a meeting between Donald Trump’s team and a man who described himself as being close to him.

Sitting in on the press conference were FSO, an openly socialist group, and the Socialist Alternative (SA), the party of the Socialist International. At the moment of the presser, Donald Trump was on a plane headed to Washington.

A callers’ ID showed that the man who held the press conference was Michael Flynn, a national security adviser who was later fired from the Trump administration. The man said he had previously attended a meeting the day before with someone who identified himself as close to Donald Trump. He said, “I believe that is the same person I met last night.”

The man who held the press conference refused to give his name.

After the press conference, the man described what he had heard at the meeting. He said, “This meeting began at 9:00 p.m. They gave me a sheet of paper on a whiteboard and said they wanted to get to know me better.” They told him, “I have never met or spoken to your father.” He then said, “This is the closest I have gotten to my father.”

The man went on to say that he heard “the same message” from Donald Trump’s team at the Trump Tower meeting with reporters just a few days ago. According to him, Trump’s people wanted to know what the group they met with before went over to the table with them was like.

This was followed by a callers’ ID for The Hill website showing that in the past 15 days, members of the FSO had run 5,000 articles on this site. This article was written on Dec. 24, 2014.

At the time, The Hill published 4

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