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The President Is All In for This

The President Is All In for This

Column: ‘It’s getting worse.’ The sad part of the Pelosi attack is it doesn’t surprise us all.

Let’s go back almost a decade to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, right after the Bush tax cuts were passed in 2003 and 2004.

It was an incredibly bad election year. Not only did the Democrats lose the Senate, but they lost in the House as well, losing control of the House.

Now, on the morning of Nov. 7, 2004, The Washington Post published a story titled “A President in Power Leaves A Vacuum.” The author wrote: “The Democratic leadership that governed New Orleans before a federal levee was breached last year does seem to have a big, empty space beneath it where George Bush, who won the presidency in 2000, once sat. The new Democratic leader doesn’t seem to be filling it.”

The author went on to suggest the White House is too busy “playing to the left for Wall Street’s approval and for the base of the party’s donors” to make it “a priority to run an agenda. There are too many other things to do. In the White House, the only thing George W. Bush ever gave a damn about was staying in power long enough to make sure that his political career had a long and lucrative run.”

Fast forward to 2019 and there is another massive government failure looming over our nation.

To understand the current situation, one may have to look back even farther, to 2010. The Wall Street Journal reported that then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi had said at a closed-door meeting. “We have to do something about our country. We have to pass legislation. And the reason is, in my judgment, because of the kind of country the president has. He puts in here and there — he’ll come up with some new ideas, but the president is all in for this. And so, we have to come up with some legislation — whether it’s a stimulus package, whether it

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