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The San Diego Surf Park Project Is Not Getting a Building Permit

The San Diego Surf Park Project Is Not Getting a Building Permit

Proposed surf park in California desert is rejected by La Quinta City Council

Updated: Wednesday, January 17, 2014, 1:42 PM PT

The proposed surf park at Red Rock State Beach near Redding, Calif., is not being allowed to move forward.

The City Council of La Quinta, Calif., voted to not allow development at the site of an alleged illegal surf site, effectively shutting down the project and effectively killing it for good.

The San Diego Union-Tribune, which first reported on this story on Saturday, reports that the city of La Quinta will not renew a development permit for the proposed site for a proposed $2 million surf park, which was originally planned to be built in San Diego.

The surf park would have been the first such facility built in California to be constructed on a public beach. The site was previously occupied by a hotel whose operators allegedly operated a business that collected fees from surfing as part of what may have been a beach concession. The hotel was torn down and the site now contains a huge black hole, where a proposed surf park would have been located.

The surf park was to have been created as part of an eight-year, $100 million redevelopment project that also included retail and residential uses on land adjacent to a busy highway.

The project also featured a proposed surf park on a beachfront property in San Diego, but that park was denied a building permit for its proposed location on shore by the San Diego City Council.

The surf park had proposed to have been built on private land next to the proposed site for the San Diego surf park. The San Diego Times reported that the owner of the property wanted to sell the land to the city, which could then use it for the proposed plan to build a surf park.

The surf site proposal first came to the attention of the City Council when a developer submitted an application for a surf activity permit along with a plan to build a surf park. The plan called for building a pier and a surf park that would have been in the water at the site. The pier was never built.

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