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The “Save Threatened Vegans” Campaign Is Getting More Popular

The “Save Threatened Vegans” Campaign Is Getting More Popular

Op-Ed: With climate change, we may witness sequoia forests convert to chaparral, conifers to cypress forests, and a few species to extinction — but the diversity we’ll inherit from the Earth is vast. And for some of its most endangered species, it’s still growing.”

The article concludes with a recommendation: “If you want to see this kind of change, we suggest you join the #SaveThreatenedVegans campaign.”

While this may seem like hyperbole, there are reports that the campaign has received support from some major Silicon Valley tech giants, including Facebook, Apple and Google.

So far, the top contributors to the “Save Threatened Vegans” campaign have included the American Lung Association, the American Cancer Society and Friends of the Earth.

In fact, the “Save Threatened Vegans” campaign has become very popular, with almost every major tech company — from Apple and Google to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Microsoft and Facebook — having lent their support to the cause.

There’s one important caveat to all the Silicon Valley-funded support, however:

“We haven’t seen the full extent of the issue just yet,” the authors noted.

According to a recent poll, “the vast majority of users who are exposed to animal cruelty find it personally offensive.”

Yet most of us have a hard time convincing our friends or family members of the value of protecting endangered species.

“We have a much less public voice than we used to have,” said the authors.

The authors cite a 2018 poll in which about 70 percent of people said they were not willing to donate money to anti-cruelty efforts.

“While we’re definitely seeing a shift in how people talk about saving threatened species, we still find it very difficult to get people to care about this issue,” according to the authors.

“So, in order to get the public to care about this

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