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The Story of the Queen’s Teacher

The Story of the Queen’s Teacher

An action spectacle built around true story of female warriors returning home from a distant land after being killed by their fathers.

After the death of her mother, a soldier is sent on extended leave to her homeland in order to care for her father. Her father makes her swear never to reveal her identity. Upon returning, she and her best friend, a native girl named Anna, are accepted into the society as warriors. Years pass. Anna falls in love with a man named Marcus. His brother, Marcus-a.k.a. Semyon-the father of Anna and heir to the land, is murdered by a rogue warlord named Yurko. After the funeral, Anna and her father leave to search for Yurko. When they finally reach the man, Semyon sends his men out to find Anna. Soon, the soldiers discover Anna and Yurko together in a cave. Semyon takes Anna from her lover and tries to kill her. She manages to protect Anna and the two men fight while being pursued by Semyon’s men as they try to escape. When Anna is finally killed, Semyon is taken into custody and Anna is forced to live a life of hiding.

Back in the present day: the two women are sent to the palace to learn to read. One of the teachers is an old woman who has spent her life seeking wisdom, and is reluctant to share that knowledge. The other teacher, a young woman from the country, is far smarter than the first teacher, and she is willing to teach. After many lessons, the women are ready. The old woman’s teacher becomes the new headmistress of the young women’s school.

Now, years have passed, and the two women are no longer children. Anna is sixteen years old. She is now the oldest in the school. In the palace, an older man has been chosen as the new king, and Anna is the queen’s teacher. In an effort to show her new students that she is ready to teach, Anna has taken to wearing her long black hair in two braids. She and her students are dressed in a traditional native dress—red skirts embroidered with gold, white gowns with gold sashes. The students sit in rows,

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