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The Vermonter’s Guide to the Winter

The Vermonter’s Guide to the Winter

How you can tell it’s fall in L.A., according to a guy from Vermont

‘Mountain in February’. ‘Trees are all yellow and brown.’

The first snowflakes have melted into the sidewalk at our door, and the rest of this season’s wildflower bounty is on its way, but the second semester of fall is already taking hold.

“It’s the best time of year,” said Jack McPherson of Barre, Vermont. “It’s cold and wet in the winter and mild and dry in the summer.”

“It’s a mountain in February,” I offered as a friendly correction.


“And trees are all yellow and brown. People can’t keep their boots on in the winter, we’ve got to carry umbrellas around with us. And people are still doing the same things they’ve always been doing, you know.”

“Right,” he said, nodding. “People can’t keep their boots on.”

I pointed out that while the weather in Vermont can be warm and sunny, he was from upstate New York. I figured he was probably wearing a winter stocking. I was wrong.

“My dad grew up here and he lives here,” he said. “He’s been here fifty years.”

“Sixty, maybe?”


“And you’ve lived here for 50 years? You must be a good, old Vermont boy to live here that long.”

“I lived in Vermont back when I was in school!” he said, exasperated. “I was a kid. I lived in a small town, but we didn’t have a snowman. I had to make one up.”

“I’m a kid when I’m in school too,” I explained.

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