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What Do You Know About

Important Things to Know About Archangel Metatron

If you have stumbled across the names archangel Metatron and it interested you to understand who that is, then you should know that it is the empowerment archangel. There is this belief of two angels ascending from a human manifestation on earth, into the realm of angels and they are known as Sandalphon and Metatron. When counting the archangels who hold the most power, Metatron comes first and he is a reverence that represents all of our capabilities when it comes to accessing spiritual power and achieving ascension. When you think about it biblically, then the biblical prophet called Enoch who was also a scribe is the one believed to be the human incarnation of archangel Metatron. After the ascension of Metatron, the was given the all-imperative job of being a transcriber of all the alternatives made in heaven and on earth and this is all in the universal archive that we refer to as the book of life of the akashic record.

When you hear about ultrahigh vibrational frequency, you should think about archangel Metatron because, well, it is one of is other traits. Choosing to operate with Metatron means that you should sign up for a highly intense vibrational ascension. When you want Metatron’s help when it comes to the release of what no longer serves your mental being, your emotions, energy, and physic, then it means that you need to get it through light work and energy cleansing. The Melchizedekian healing modality features and tactics are vital in shifting your life in a manner that frees you, gives you self- confidence and you get an in-depth comprehension of who you are in that divine universe.

More often than not, recognizing Metatron without a clue of what it is that you look for proves to be difficult. Metatron’s presence comes with very high intensity and it is frequently overwhelming which means that recognizing him will be difficult without any knowledge about what you are looking for. Metatron’s presence overwhelms you more than that of others such as Michael because it can be described as an almost earth-like presence when Michael communicates.

One of the signs that Archangel Metatron is with you is when you sense the strong urge to transform a thought that was filled with negativity into one that has positivity instead; that is how to tell that Metatron is with you. Due to the unique nature of archangel Metatron’s job of looking after the book of life, he gets a constant reminder of how it is possible to use the negative thoughts that you have to make negative selections which result in equally negated consequences.

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