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Why College Students Are Learning What They Have to Study

Why College Students Are Learning What They Have to Study

How Colleges and Sports-Betting Companies ‘Caesarized’ Campuses

It’s no secret that college students are a fickle lot. The stereotype of the misfit isn’t exactly true, but it’s a long way from the typical student to the average student, so it’s hard to take anything for granted. But what exactly are the average people in college studying?

They’re supposed to know about everything from the history of the universe to the history of the band U2. Yet these days, according to a recent study from the Department of Justice, “college students” are studying what they have to study. That’s right, their education is so thoroughly rote that a third of millennials actually believe they don’t need to study a single subject at all!

So what are these millennial students learning? Well, apparently it’s all about sports.

One of America’s most popular pastimes has been dubbed the “greatest college sport.” And this is nothing to be embarrassed about.

The NCAA has more than 20,000 college programs, from which a whopping 20 million students are chosen annually. In addition to the millions of dollars we spend on college soccer, it’s also an incredibly lucrative industry.

How do they make money? By selling the names of their football and basketball programs to media corporations.

A good example of this is how the NCAA “forgot” to mention a few years ago that their football program was making more than $5 million per year. According to Bloomberg, the NCAA has “forgotten” to highlight this fact. Of course, you’d expect this to happen at a school which pays college athletes as much as $100,000 per year, plus more in benefits.

Unfortunately for the NCAA, the same can also be said about college sports, in general, and their profits.

It’s no mystery as to why colleges have been spending big

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