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Why Whales Died Off Florida Coast

Why Whales Died Off Florida Coast

Gray whales continue to wash up dead and emaciated, but causes remain elusive

Discovery, a news website for science enthusiasts, reported in May that two male humpback whales, one dead and the other one still alive with a broken leg, washed up dead on the beach near the beach community of Punta Gorda, Florida.

But a report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in May, on the causes and causes of whale deaths off the coast of Florida, raised more questions as to why the whales had died.

The study looked at the cause of death of four whale deaths that occurred off the coast of Florida since November 2013. Among the four cases were marine mammal experts. They reviewed the whales’ carcasses and the conditions known to be associated with death, in an effort to determine why the whales died in the first place.

The NOAA scientists reported finding “numerous factors, including a likely response to injury and disease” in the four whale deaths. But it was difficult to determine the exact causes of death, and NOAA experts reported finding “a few factors that may relate to some causes of death.” The NOAA report noted: “The causes of death associated with two of these deaths included entanglement in fishing nets, while the cause of death of the other two cases was unknown.”

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The NOAA report on the four whale deaths was published on Sunday, and a press release issued by NOAA on Monday, noted that the agency was following up with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection following their initial analysis of the incident. NOAA reported on two of the four whales’ carcasses, and stated the carcasses were in poor condition.

The NOAA report stated:

“The whales washed on shore during the same period of time, and the carcass of one whale was found with a large number of fish scales and pieces

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