Yes, These Patriots Are “Hiding” Radical Enemies & Intentions

Liberals at the New York Times and outlets like ThinkProgress, Press Progress and USNews & World Report (among others) are now being attacked for supposedly amplifying and outing the activist who set fire to a Christmas tree in Washington Heights, New York in protest of President Trump’s stop-and-frisk policy.

The idea behind this new leftist struggle is that by doing that, the activists will scare others into taking a stand against President Trump, defending immigrants, and whatever else they dream up as a substitute for any sort of substantive ideas. Of course, truthfully, the only “hate crime” happening on this continent at the moment is Fox News.

Defending Trump’s ideas on illegal immigration, his position on DACA, and other civil and political issues is simply not the issue these protesters care about. The threat to their dreams of putting their socialism and anti-Trump social views on the nation’s front page is threatening.

The liberals accused of these fascist acts of “hiding” the firebomber, threatening the Christmas tree, and engaging in stunts like setting the object of their hatred on fire to shut down Fox News have a point. After pointing out the absurdity of the idea that these activists are not being “hiding” from their bases, they conveniently forget the point their own websites often make, namely that Democrats are “hidden” by liberals. The more people ignore liberals on the left side of the political spectrum, the more liberals lose credibility.

While conservatives and Fox News point out the absurdness of this absurdity, the socialists and fascist liberals argue that if you don’t support their radical positions, you are “radical.”

Because facts are a defense, it would seem that if Fox News should apologize to the left, Democrats should explain to the American people why they should really apologize for the liberal outrage over their treasonous acts.

Vinay Menon is the communications director for the Center for Security Policy (CSP), the first think tank to expose the radical Socialist roots of the Obama Administration.

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